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These are normally a tube or a volcano, but they can be multiple units fused together in a much larger package. They can emit crackles whistles or showers of sparks. Usually inserted upright in soft earth but can be tied to an upright stake. The golden rule is not to allow them to fall over.

These are fireworks that need attaching to a post or posts. They can be static devices or spinners or a combination of both. Fireworks such as Display Waterfalls or Flying Pigeons need two posts and the rope between the two should be under as much tension as possible. Take care that sparks from these devices do not ignite other fireworks and vice versa.

Roman Candles
A long thin firework that projects a number of stars or effects into the air. Roman candle bouquets are a number of candles angled on a frame and barrages, bundles and cakes are a number of candles fused together for single ignition. Usually roman candles are inserted upright in soft earth but they can be tied to an upright stake. The important thing is to make sure they are stable and that they will not fall over. Angle them slightly away from spectators and ensure there are no overhead obstructions.

These are usually a pot with a large projecting fuse as in a Jack in a Box, and are inserted upright in soft ground prior to firing. They can also be very powerful mines ready loaded into mortar tubes which need to be buried to 2/3rds their depth. After ignition mines erupt dramatically with stars or effects straight from the pot or tube. Mines, especially mortar mines are dangerous if misused. Please read all instructions thoroughly.

A familiar firework consisting of a motor and head on a long stick. The motor propels the rocket high in the sky where the explosion releases the stars or effects. Rockets must be fired from a tube or rack placed at the rear of the display. Angle slightly away from spectators, make sure there are no overhead obstructions and ensure there is a safe area for the spent rockets to land.

Not strictly a firework these long thin devices with a touch paper fuse are for lighting fireworks with. On ignition they burn with a stab of flame lasting 4/5 minutes so that you can safely light the fireworks at arms length.