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1. Be Safe

2. A display above water can be spectacular - the reflection gives you twice the light for your fireworks!

3. Beware of Backlighting. The darker the background to your display, the more spectacular it will look.

4. Multiple Fountains. For a bouquet of sparks and fire, set off several fountains together but remember to be safe and keep them vertical.

5. The More the Merrier. Rockets look good on their own, but set them off in twos or more together to dramatically increase your display's professionalism.

6. Take it Easy. A single ignition display or cake will give 1000 times the continuity as a few small, separate fireworks of the same price and save you the work of lighting each one.

7. Think Big. Get together with your friends and neighbours to get a joint display going. It'll be bigger, more social, more impressive and often work out cheaper - everyone's a winner!

8. Be creative. The fireworks have descriptions of their effects on them so use your mind's eye to imagine great combinations of colours and effects. Get ideas from professional displays.

9. Don't limit your firework skills to just one night a year. They enhance birthdays, parties, New Year's Eve and add an extremely romantic touch to weddings. They also make an original present for any of these occasions.

10. Be safe. This has to be repeated as it should always be the main priority of a display of any size.