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The British Fireworks Association - A trade body of shop goods importers
British Pyrotechnics Association - Professional display operators
Firework Photographs
Some rather excellent photos here from Paul Tierny.
The Blue Cross Animal Welfare Charity is supported by the British Fireworks Association and has produced a leaflet about how to look after pets during the firework season. Download here.
Pyrotechnics Guild International An American fireworks society
Fireworks Town - 80% of the worlds fireworks are made in China. Here is a web site with all the latest news and links to suppliers in China
Skydreamz  A site containing some wonderful firework photography

The Journal of Pyrotechnics Technical aspects of firework making and details of courses on The Chemistry of Pyrotechnics
fireworks photography tips  Seems a simple task but it takes a lot of practice. A few tips here
HSE Explosives Inspectorate now have a web site where you can download all the necessary applications for firework factory and magazine licenses as well as applications for authorization of imported fireworks.
Desktop Firework Display!
Click away and create your own display!